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Maximize productivity with SpeedyKVM’s Cloud-based KVM solutions. Streamline operations and boost performance effortlessly. Explore the future of control today!

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Welcome to SpeedyKVM, where efficiency meets excellence! Say goodbye to complexities and hello to seamless server management. With SpeedyKVM, it’s all about high-speed solutions, top-notch performance, and streamlined operations. Experience the power of simplicity with our no-nonsense approach to server management. Elevate your control, boost your speed, and embrace the future of efficient server solutions with SpeedyKVM.

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Features Bundled in SpeedyKVM Plans

Seamless Setup

SpeedyKVM offers a seamless setup process tailored to swiftly launch your KVM server. Upon order completion, your server is instantly activated, enabling you to begin utilizing it almost instantly. Our intuitive control panel simplifies server management, providing essential tools for efficient operation. Moreover, our dedicated support team is accessible round-the-clock to address any setup-related queries or concerns.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

Experience top-tier performance with our Enterprise Hardware nodes featuring Intel Xeon Processors for rapid processing. Benefit from NVMe or SSD-based Hardware RAID10 storage configuration ultra-fast speeds and dependability. Our servers are powered by fully redundant suppliers and backed by datacenter grids for uninterrupted service. Enjoy 99.99% uptime with fully redundant network connectivity across all servers.

Cloud-based KVM Infrastructure

Experience the power of Cloud-based KVM with our Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). Our KVM solution offers robust virtualization infrastructure and a processor-specific hypervisor module, combining the security and performance of a dedicated server in a lightweight, user-friendly, and cost-effective package ideal for any project.

Next-Level Software Performance

Choose between Windows or Linux operating systems and experience the latest versions that simplify your needs without technical barriers. Pair this with the selection of the control panel of your choice: cPanel and Plesk. Our services are designed for scalability and are backed by our 24/7 Support Team, providing the best value for your investment.

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Experience seamless colocation services with our unique solutions. Maximize your infrastructure’s potential with our secure, scalable, and reliable solutions.

BareMetal Solutions

Take your business to new heights. Experience unmatched performance and control with our dedicated server solutions.

Domain Registration

Register your domain with us. Secure your online presence with our reliable, efficient, and user-friendly domain registration services.

Consistent Excellence:
Other Features Also Included in Our Plans

Take Command

Experience complete control of your VPS with our advanced control panel. Basic controls include Boot, Reboot, Shut Down, and Rebuild. Advanced features include NOVNC Console, ISO mounting and unmounting, Change Boot order, Toggle Rescue Mode, root/administrator password change, hostname change, Server’s status, Traffic Graphs, Load and Memory Graphs. Custom ISOs can be added upon request for enhanced flexibility.

Advanced Network Capabilities

Experience optimized connectivity and low latency with our enhanced redundant network capacity, with up to 10Gb uplink speeds. Benefit from multiple upstream providers and numerous Internet Exchanges with over 500 direct peer relationships. This diverse network infrastructure ensures we can find the optimal path for your data connection to reach its target efficiently.

Unmatched Managed Support

Unlock dependable hosting solutions with our managed support services. Benefit from our service level agreement ensuring a 99.999% uptime for network and hardware, providing peace of mind and enabling you to concentrate on your projects.

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Cloud Services

Step into the future with our cutting-edge Cloud services. Elevate your business with scalable, secure, and innovative cloud solutions.

Reseller Hosting

Empower your business with our Reseller Hosting services. Unlock opportunities, scalability, and reliability for your clients.

Security Services

Safeguard your digital assets with our top-tier Security services. Trust our expertise to protect your data and ensure peace of mind.

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Established in 2015, Whitelabel ITSolutions, our esteemed parent company, stands as a leading colocation and hosting provider in the United States. Our team of seasoned experts is committed to providing comprehensive and dependable services customized to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals, regardless of their size or budget. With a focus on integration and reliability, we strive to deliver top-tier solutions that ensure optimal performance and peace of mind for our valued clients.
“Have been with Whitelabel for a long time. Contact has always met with someone who showed concern when taking care of my problem. I always receive an immediate response to my emails no matter the subject.”

Kathleen Xarhakos

“Whitelabel IT has hosted my domain since 2003 and I have never found reason to complain. Their technical support responds quickly with excellent guidance and their rates are entirely fair. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good and reliable web hosting service.”

Peter Rhebergen

“I’ve been using a SpeedyKVM VPS for 5 years now to update MX Linux third party mirrors. It has the disk space and bandwidth this use case requires at a reasonable price and been very reliable.”


“This team of IT geniuses has been hosting my site for many years. Anytime I have a mystery issue that I cannot solve, I just ask them for help. They answer quickly and are generally spot on with their solution. Great people! :-)”

Michael Ludgate

“Have a a dedicated server with them for a while. Great service they provide. we had a unrelated technical hiccups at the start. It been resolved quickly They really care about customers.”

Adam Truszhowski

“Back in November, 2023, our site went down due to a PHP issue on your servers. I created a support ticket and within 30 minutes, received a response. The response detailed the issue and that it had been resolved.”

Clem Patafio